21 June 2008

Music to Celebrate With

Last night we had the pleasure of attending yet another free concert at the University of Buenos Aires Law School. The National Symphony Orchestra, with guest piano soloist Boris Giltburg, performed Rachmaninoff's Concert for Piano and Orchestra No. 2. The audience went wild at the end, so much so that Giltburg came back with a solo piece as an encore. Much more sombre, almost dirge-like (the piece unfortunately was not identified), successfully defusing the general mania so that Giltburg could leave the stage.

The second offering was Shostakovich's Symphony #12 ("1917"), a virtual war within the orchestra, led by the percussion and wind sections. As Kurt put it, both pieces were extremely physical; the orchestra (not to mention the director) was put through the wringer!

The Law School, we are told, was originally the site of the Eva Peron Foundation. The building looks a monolithic supreme court from the outside: massive columns devoid of decoration. But inside the "Salon de Actos" (assembly hall), where many of the performances are held, the austerity gives way to red velvet seats and a massive painting depicting the founding of the University of Buenos Aires in 1821. (Photo by Kurt)

What a great way to celebrate our new residency status. 

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Bo said...

Greetings from hot Tallahassee!! Love the pictures, Kurt--they look VERY professional!

So did y'all find a vineyard yet? I'll continue looking for a parttime job here until you locate one that I can help with--remember, I WON'T drink up all your profits!!