22 November 2009

Jacarandás 2009

Plentiful spring rains in recent days have washed most of the flowers from the jacarandás while creating a beautiful purple carpet beneath the trees. Photos don't do justice (especially on an overcast afternoon), but we did our best to share the beauty.

These photos were taken along Avenida Libertador, about a dozen blocks north of our apartment, from the Museo Nacional de Belles Artes (and the Law School directly across from it) down to the Museo de Arte Decorativo and Plaza Chile, then back to Plaza Francia.

November is a good time to be in Buenos Aires.

01 November 2009

Tomatillos in the Making

In an ongoing effort to promote Mexican cooking in Argentina, we bought packages of tomatillo and chili poblano seeds during our last visit to the States in June. Once the cold weather had passed here in Buenos Aires, Kurt started the germination process on the roof of our building.

Planting occurred Sept. 3; tomatillo seedlings sprouted Sept. 15 and poblanos about 2 weeks later. Kurt thinned out the seedlings about the middle of October. Today, after a weekend of heavy spring showers, the first tomatillo blossom appeared. More are on their way. We are encouraged.