25 September 2009

Mas Pastas

Pasta - in all shapes - is a staple here in Argentina, thanks to the Italians who immigrated in masses in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Pasta "factories" offering freshly made noodles, gnochis, raviolis, and pizza dough, and more abound; we've sampled the wares of at least four such fabricas, all within easy walking distance of our apartment. Each offers great products at great prices, but we like the service best at Mas Pastas, located around the corner and one block down. Our friends in this photo are Hugo, Eusebio, and Mario.

One-half kilo of tallarines at Mas Pastas costs 9 pesos and 80 centavos, a "bollo de pizza" (after a recent price increase of 10 centavos) is 2 pesos 50, and a large container of grated parmesan is 6 pesos 50. (One US dollar currently buys about 3.85 pesos.) Great deals, no?