23 June 2008

Beyond Buenos Aires

With all important matters taken care of or in process in Buenos Aires, we've headed to Mendoza. Today we took a half-day tour of a small olive orchard and processing plant and two vineyards: Baudron, a large concern, and Cavas de Don Arturo, a small organic enterprise that exports only to Kentucky (of all places). The latter is particularly gorgeous; the current owners have preserved the original French-style buildings from the early 20th century (see photo by Kurt).

Of course, we wound up buying all sorts of bargains: extra virgin olive oil, olive paste (both black and green), Greek-style black olives, and several bottles of wonderful wine: Malbec, Syrah, Merlot, and Tempranillo.

Plus we've found a great place to eat: Estancia La Florencia.
Several thumbs up for food AND service.

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