26 August 2011

Chau Chau Besos

Sunny, of Las Hormiguitas,
waves goodbye
High "V's" with Rocky from Los Pinos

This iconic porteño phrase, usually uttered so lightly, took on a new depth of sentimentality as our time in Buenos Aires - la Reina del Plata - came to a close.

Goodbye with kisses to our lovely apartment, our favorite shops and restaurants, our daily routines, our special occasions, and most of all to our friends.

We leave with lots of warm memories and their smiling faces captured here.

Our favorite neighbors from our small apartment building:
1. Lola and Tati, on the quinto piso, along with their pets Munia Muniaa (a Jack Russell Terrier) and Viktor Samuel (the resident ferret in hiding);
2. Tavo (short for Gustavo) on the tercer piso, right above us; and
3. Fatima, on the primer piso, right below.

4. Linda with our good friend Eduardo in his wine store and . . .
5. Stella, his wife, with us.
6. Giselle, another worker ant from “our” laundry.
7. Erica, our waitress from Pan y Teatro.
8. Isabel, our favorite banker in the world, at dinner in our apartment.
9. Kurt with Eduardo B., who drove us many many times to and from the airport.
10 & 11 Gabe and his colleague Juan, from Bull’s Gym, affectionately referred to as Little Cats A & B.
12. Kurt with Maria Jose, our neighbor across the street, with Lolo, our pretend dog (her real dog).
13. Antonio and Irma from the produce stand four doors down the street from our apartment.
14. Leo, owner of the clothing store next to the wine shop on Arenales.
15. Kurt with Sissi, the apartment’s new owner, and her mother, who lives four blocks up Azcuenaga.

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