12 May 2010


We got back to Buenos Aires earlier this month after two weeks in Texas getting to know our son's future in-laws and taking care of those personal matters that are hard to do from afar. We returned with new friends, lots of wonderful memories of our trip (such nice weather we had!), and, unfortunately, several kilos in excess body baggage. Too many trips to the breakfast bar at our hotel in Fort Worth. Hard to resist those biscuits and sausages . . . also hard to get rid of their tell-tale effects. That plus the fact that we missed our usual work-out schedule meant that our first days back at our gym here were painful. . . but satisfying!

Bull's Gym is 3 blocks north of our apartment, near the intersection of Azcuenaga (our street) and French. It's funkier that other gyms in the city, but also a lot less expensive. We pay 75 pesos each per month for access to all the equipment Monday through Saturday. At the current exchange rate, that's a little over $19 USD per month. Juan and Gabriel (left to right in the photo) are the morning staff. Nice guys.

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