01 November 2009

Tomatillos in the Making

In an ongoing effort to promote Mexican cooking in Argentina, we bought packages of tomatillo and chili poblano seeds during our last visit to the States in June. Once the cold weather had passed here in Buenos Aires, Kurt started the germination process on the roof of our building.

Planting occurred Sept. 3; tomatillo seedlings sprouted Sept. 15 and poblanos about 2 weeks later. Kurt thinned out the seedlings about the middle of October. Today, after a weekend of heavy spring showers, the first tomatillo blossom appeared. More are on their way. We are encouraged.


Waitress from Mensa said...

Linda and Kurt, Perhaps could you post an Argentine recipe? Good luck with the tomatillos and poblanos. Myself, I'm in jalapeno-craving mode for the duration of our winter.

NOLAchef said...


I too am trying to bring some Mexicana to the food scene here in Buenos Aires and have started a small Mexican garden. Pregunta- How did the tomatillos and poblanos turn out? My tomatillos are taking off (about 6 weeks in more or less) but the poblanos are taking their time. What were your results?


Fernandez said...

Saludos NOLAchef: Alas, the tomatillos did not succeed. We found from browsing the web that the plants need to be cross-fertilized in order to go from blossoms to fruit. Our little rooftop "jardin" in the middle of the city evidently did not attract the right sort of fertilizing agents. Of course, we could not acknowledge defeat publicly! Hope your efforts turn out better than ours:)
Subsequently, we found a link on the Mexican Embassy's website that lists (or at least used to list) providers of Mexican products, including some food items, in case you have the same experience we do.