29 July 2009

Yet Another Home Improvement Project

We marked this chilly mid-winter day by having burletes installed on the balcony doors and the front and service doors of our old apartment. What a difference! We could immediately tell that the burletes -- a type of weather-stripping made from cloth -- were working. Cold drafts (and, hopefully, dust and dirt) are now blocked and the street noise has been reduced considerably.

Our burletes were made and installed by the Alberti family. Esteban (son of Eduardo, the marketing and estimating chief) and Martin (cousin to Esteban) did the job for us today in a little under 3 hours. Their next stop: the factory where the family makes the burletes in different colors and sizes. When they're not installing, they're helping out there, under the supervision of Esteban's mom. The burletes are guaranteed for 4 years. We're happy.

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