22 January 2009

Protesting the Gaza Massacres

At 5 this afternoon, tens of thousands of Argentines in Buenos Aires representing some 50 political, social, and labor organizations marched from the congress building to the embassy of Israel to condemn the massacres in the Gaza Strip. Many held signs with gruesome photos showing the bodies of some of the 400 plus children killed in the 3 week bombardment that left dead more than 1300 Palestinians and some 13 Israelis (including several military personnel killed by "friendly fire"). Body counts and other reliable details at Free Gaza and the Palestine Chronicle.

Speakers at the march condemned the attacks and urged the Mercosur nations to repudiate any free trade agreement with Israel. Mercosur members include Argentina and Brazil (the two largest economies in South America), along with Paraguay and Uruguay. Associate members include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. 

We marched today with our new neighbors. As the poet Miguel de Unamuno said during the Spanish civil war, "sometimes to be silent is to lie."

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