30 December 2008

Horrors from Distant Shores

This entry was supposed to have been the recap of our family's Christmas vacation in San Martin de los Andes. That is being postponed; warm and fuzzy feelings of holiday celebrations seem trivial in the face of the massacres in the Gaza Strip. (Photo from Aljazeera.net through The Palestinian Chronicle.)

Contrary to Israeli excuses for their savagery, Hamas was not the one to violate the cease fire. Israel did when it bombed the tunnels Palestinians had dug to bring in supplies. Israel has confined 1.5 million people in a space smaller than 140 square miles. Regularly it shuts down entry and exit points, prohibiting delivery of food, medical supplies, and other basic needs, including supplies coming from the United Nations. It also regularly cuts off power. Sort of like a concentration camp. 

For more background and analysis, check out these recent reports: Hannukah Games and Barack Obama on Siege, Killings in Gaza.
Voice your outrage to the Israelis and the U.S. government, which provides the weapons that are being used not for protection but for genocide:
  • Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC: info@washington.mfa.gov.il
  • White House: comments@whitehouse.gov
  • Obama transition team

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