17 November 2008

Perfect Weather for Polo

A cool front blew in from the south last Friday night, dropping temperatures on Saturday to more spring-like levels from the warmer highs of the week. It was a perfect day for watching the 115th Argentine Open Polo Championship . . . and fortunately we had free tickets, compliments of our favorite bank.

We headed out from our apartment in the mid afternoon. Two blocks to our subway stop (Pueyrredon), then five stations to Palermo. A long block up Avenida Bullrich, past an army installation from the early 20th century, then the mosque (the largest in South America), and left on Avenida Libertador to the polo fields, across from the race track. Photos here.

Despite our ignorance of the game's rules and strategy, we enjoyed watching the players, the horses, the crews, and the crowd. Pilara beat Chapeleufu, 14-13. 

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Cynthia said...

So your new home is a Jacaranda paradise too. Ours, of course, do not bloom until March.

Just spent a month in SMA but the cold mornings and nights finally ran me home to my central heating system.

Wondered about BA and heat there? Is it another take-the-weather-as-it-comes kind of place, or is it more like the US where if it's not good, you fix it.