26 October 2008

To the Andes

Earlier this spring (i.e., the end of September for those of us in the southern hemisphere), we headed out to explore more of the Argentine interior. It was Kurt's first-ever spring birthday, and we decided to celebrate in San Martin de los Andes.

The town is located on the banks of Lago Lacar, one of several mountain lakes protected within Lanin National Park. We did some sight-seeing around the region, including on Lakes Huechulafquen and Epulafquen, where the water is so clean and clear that you can't help but try a taste. Snow-capped mountains, rushing waterfalls, recent (500 years ago) lava flows, old growth forests, and lots more. 

Kurt had the most fun, though, grilling at Cabanas Arco Iris, the cozy complex where we stayed. Our building in Buenos Aires has no such facilities, so Kurt made up for lost time in San Martin. Arco Iris backs up to a fast-flowing mountain arroyo; what a pleasure to sit outside and listen to the music of the rushing waters while savoring a nice wine and anticipating some great Argentine beef. 

We'll be heading back to San Martin in the summer (i.e., end of December) with son Joey and daughter Belen. In the meantime, we've got photos to relive the expedition.

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Cynthia said...

I caught up on your blog this morning and enjoyed every word. I'm feeling a little envious since my most recent travels led me to the backwoods of the Florida panhandle for a visit with my sister-in-law. I caught tiny fish, batted huge mosquitoes and gained 4 lbs.

Glad you two are having a great adventure!