02 July 2008

At Last: A Place to Sit

Red letter day: we brought home the cafe table and two chairs we had ordered soon after arriving here. Forty days from placing the order to receiving the goods: only 10 days later than the estimated delivery time. Not bad! 

The new set substantially augments our meagre supply of furniture, which consists of a mattress on the floor and a camping chair (that has endured more use than could ever have been intended). We now have a more agreeable alternative to the other eating arrangements we have tried. Creature comforts are good. Very good.

We ordered the set from Sediana, a company that apparently makes most (if not all) of the tables and chairs used in Buenos Aires cafes and restaurants. The trio fits right into the rinconcito (little nook) between the kitchen and bedroom. Ideal for morning coffee and evening aperitif. We inaugurated the set this evening with a homemade meal of Linda's famous beef stew, complemented by salad, bread, and, of course, a few glasses of Malbec. Lovely.

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Joe said...

Looks nice. Camping chairs can do in a pinch, but they are never a good substitute for real furniture